What our Customers say...


Mr. Goldman came into my home at a very stressful time, due to a large water leak in the bathroom. He was very professional, kind and showed empathy to my situation. He was extremely knowledgeable and took time to explain everything to me so I could understand what the process was and what procedures would be done. That was very reassuring to me that all would be “ok”. You must be very proud to have such an excellent employee on your team. Thank you so much for a job well done.

Adriel of the remediation team and Dominique of the Build Back Team were each superb in their professionalism, courtesy, skills, and final service. They each cleaned up each day, communicated what they were doing and the timeline for each step, and gave us a finished product that exceeded our expectations. We are delighted with the final product. Dominique even cleaned up the bathroom baseboards before reinstalling them and put caulk with paint back at the top of the custom moldings. We are so happy!

Did a great job for our church. Thanks

Very patient with me! Excellent service and explanation of everything!

Keith killed it!

Gentlemen that delivered my items were great!

I feel like all of my questions were answered and staff was friendly.

Keith and his team were awesome!

Very professional, thanks!

The entire SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration personnel did an excellent job during their early response to my service call.  Specifically Keith and Adriol did a phenomenal job regarding our house's cleanup and restoration.  A job very well done!!!

Great group of people.  Very helpful and knowledgeable.  I hope to use SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration for the build-back.  Steven G, Nate A, and Keith were terrific. Thank you!

Did a good job on cleanup!

They did a great job and their explanations were excellent!  They demonstrated good knowledge of our problem. Best of all they were pleasant to have in our home.

Great service. Knowledgeable. Pleasant! Answered all of my questions.

Everyone was so kind and worked very hard!

Crew chief Stephen was highly professional and knowledgeable.  He was very helpful in walking me through the process and explaining the needed services.

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration had very professional and detailed restoration options.  

The service was professional and fast!

They were fast and thorough and did what they said they would do. Very knowledgeable of water caused problems and cleanup. I recommend customers take a picture of their electric meter before and after to see if insurance will reimburse for electricity used. SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration had so many machines drying out my house that the main house circuit breaker tripped a couple of times.

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration did an excellent job getting the cigarette smoke smell out of my house. They were professional and very polite.

The cleanup of my home, after a drastic water accident, overflow of our washer, was very professional. The company reps were at my house within 30 minutes of my call for assistance. They remained on site until 11:30 PM, when they felt satisfied that all the steps for cleanup were in place, we understood all procedures they were undertaking, the expected time frame of the mitigation process, and their personal attention to reduce our stress because of the accident.

Amazing response! Clear, thorough, pleasant and professional. I am greatly impressed and relieved.

Outstanding service! Reliable, prompt, courteous; will gladly recommend SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration.... a highly professional company. Thank You!

Many thanks for your help. The crew was very courteous!

Quick and Efficient! We were happy to be taken care of in a timely manner with very nice professional people. Your team was understanding of our situation and was able to adapt to our needs. We value the fact that we were able to 'save' and stop the potential damage so quickly.

Great Job from the SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration crew! Everything was very hassle free. I was very impressed with the quality of service.

Thank you! Your guys were so nice, efficient, and always took the time to answer questions. You made our awful situation much better!

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration did an amazing job. I was very impressed by all there hard work and speed. They cannot improve on perfection. I could not have asked for better quality service.

I was very impressed with how professional all of their staff was. The personnel in the office were highly informative, and the crew performed superior work. Keep up the great work SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration!

Everything was terrific. There was a fast response, and everyone was very courteous. I was pleased with the prompt actions.

We appreciated having the same people throughout the process. They were at every visit to our house, they always knew what was happening, and they knew what our needs were. They really did help us to take back control of our lives.

Your team was very courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend you to my friends and family. Great job, SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration!

There really is not much to say. Your crew came out, did a wonderful job, and then they were gone. It’s like your card says – it’s like it never even happened.

The technicians were polite and efficient.

Great team! Thorough and considerate!

Very professional and nice to work with. Our mom died in our home and everything was cleaned so well it was like nothing happened. Entire crew was sensitive to our loss and helped make it "all better".

When the work was completed, I was impressed by the quality and professionalism of the crew. They did a great job.

From the beginning, they were polite and helpful. Very professional.

I just wanted to thank you for coming right away the other day and working ALL DAY when I discovered a flood in my house!!!

Our toilet overflowed and sent water through the hallway, into three rooms, and all over our hardwood floors. SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration took care of everything. Harry (owner) made me less anxious by explaining everything so that I could understand the entire process. Overall, very courteous and they did a great job!

I was extremely pleased to have a young man be courteous, patient, and prepared. Thomas took the time to explain the science behind the drying process. The quality of the work, when finished, was impressive!

In the midst of an office disaster, the SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration showed up and proceeded to methodically take command of the recovery situation thereby providing both the services necessary to clean up the damage done by the water but just as importantly to exhibit to all of us that we had initiated the first measure of recovering our property and the ability to do our work.

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration came to our rescue when we had a water leak in our home on a late afternoon. They were quick to respond, took care to make sure that everything was dry to Standards, assuring that we'll would not have mold growing in the affected area, which for me as a realtor was a very important aspect. I also got a detail record of the incidence and how it was taken care, someday when I am selling my home, I can with confidence answer the buyer’s questions because I have the backup.

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration did an excellent job getting the cigarette smoke smell out of my house. They were professional and very polite.

Crew was awesome, professional, empathetic, friendly and good with my animals and "stuff" .

Jeremy did an awesome job!

They did a great job and arrived promptly!

Great Job!

Clean, Curious, On-Time. Pleased!

Thank you Stephen, Alex and Jeremy for your service! Very Professional!

Great Work! Great Teamwork too!

SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration is always my first - and only - choice for major clean-up issues.

Professional, hardwoking, fast, and efficient. Team was personable and empathetic to my situation


We are very pleased with your work. You were fast, efficient, thorough, and so very pleasant to deal with. Your good work will be told to all people we know that might - or - might not - need your service . Thank you so much.

So its been almost 2 months and I can honestly say I am going to miss the bright green vans/trucks/cars at my house every morning !!!!! Harry and his crew, Jay (Stephen), Alex and the ladies have endured all my craziness, from the dogs to accommodating my work environment ....... Harry I can honestly say that without your guidance I would be clueless . I hope I can still count on your calming words of wisdom in the months to come. Jay, I cant say enough, I feel I made a true friend. GO HORNETS !

We had a shower leak in our bathroom. Called SERVPRO Albuquerque Restoration and they took care of it. My wife and I appreciated their promptness, politeness, and willingness to answer any questions we had.

They were polite and helpful. Very satisfied

I'm VERY appreciative that you and your crew were able to take on this emergency job, on very short notice. I feel like you made a real effort to fit us into and already full schedule. Your crew was kind and a pleasure to work with, I feel like we were treated very fairly in a near panic situation where it would be possible to take advantage of people. Thanks so much for your help.

Promt, resourceful, and respectful. 

Very very good. 

So glad they came promptly. 

The team doing this job impressed me with professionalism. When I called SERVPRO (in other states) I did not receive the same caliber of work. Keep hiring top workers!

Found the problem area quickly. Got right to fixing the problem, Outstanding!

Very courteous and friendly!

Thank You!

Great customer service. Very professional. 

Vinny is a Gem. Hang onto him! Alex was great too!

I appreciate notification when the guys were delayed coming over. Providing estimates of the duration of the projects would have been helpful. Appreciate coordination of repair of damage caused by equipment. 

I am very pleased with the work done and the crew that did it. 

They were very professional and explained everything they were doing. 

Excellent job and we appreciate everything that they did!

Steve and his team were helpful and informative regarding the extent of our damage and what to expect throughout the service process. 

So glad they came promptly!